Hillsborough nursery offers care from 6 months up to 8 years and is the perfect place for your child as they develop.

The Caterpillar Room

Welcome to the caterpillar room!

The caterpillar room is for children aged from 6 months to approximately 18 months and designed for your baby’s first nursery experience - with plenty of love and care. With a maximum of nine children to three members of staff we make sure that our youngest children are given individual time and attention according to their needs.

Warm and caring attachments form the backbone of our childcare. So, our friendly and fully qualified staff build great bonds with the children. We are always here to discuss your child’s needs, share information, and ensure a continuation of your child’s home routines.

The children can enjoy the secure and ‘soft surfaced’ outdoor area for regular outdoor play, and there is also a secure garden for even more outdoor adventures!

The Caterpillar Room

The Ladybird Room

The ladybird room is a warm, inviting space where children aged 18 months to 2.5 years can explore and learn with encouragement from staff who are always available for help when needed!

There are lots of opportunities for children to explore and experiment, with creative activities, sand and water play in our sensory area or “secure and supervised” outdoor soft play area where they can run around freely with their friends.

The children are given a variety of opportunities to develop their creativity, problem solving, and social skills. They can enjoy construction play with blocks as well as heuristic role play resources, treasure baskets and home corner where their imaginations run free!

The Ladybird Room

The Butterfly Room

The butterfly room is the perfect place for any child aged 2.5 to 5 years who loves fun, games and learning.

We know that every child has different interests and needs, which is why our highly qualified staff address each child with individual attention.

We are committed to helping your child to grow in confidence, develop curiosity and do anything they put their minds to!

Our children get the best of both worlds as they experience various adult-led and peer led activities. We focus on the needs of each individual child by providing them with plenty of choice, encouragement, and praise to help foster independence.

Our spacious playground is a safe space for children to explore the natural environment and develop their physical skills. With a secure grassed area, mud kitchen and soft surface area, children can enjoy a free flow between indoor and outdoor play throughout the day.

The Butterfly Room